Healthcare Application | Case Study

Healthcare Case Study

Customer background

Country of deployment: USA

Industry: Healthcare & Health Services

The client is a healthcare platform that facilitates patient care, especially eldercare.

The cloud-based application provides a unified IS (Information System) platform for care providers, payers, families and seniors who seek to improve communication in today’s complex healthcare environment.

The company has received LTC LINK Conference and Innovate LTC (International Center for Long Term Care Innovation) award for Most Innovative Company in Long-Term Care.

To address the challenge of giving care-services to senior citizens, the company conceived the business case of developing a cloud-based platform.


Long term care facilities have assumed a greater role in providing care to retiring seniors and couples.

The documentation, coordination and communication among doctors, therapists, caregivers, patients and their families was fragmented.

Most commonly, the communication with patients and caregivers was conducted using sticky notes, whiteboards, calendars and checklists.

There was no easy way to get access to patient/senior’s medical records. Information silos and fragmented data sources prevented caregivers from delivering a holistic care experience.


A SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) based healthcare platform was developed that could serve as an integrated IS (information system) for all the main caregivers in a health care facility/situation.

This included the:

  • Physician
  • Patient’s family members
  • Nurses
  • Medical consultants

A cloud-based clinical collaboration application was developed for the familyof the patients who can interact with the physician/doctors and caregivers.

The healthcare app was designed to serve asa remotely accessible cloud-application.

Every feature in this application was designed to have an API (Application Programming Interface), to be integrated with an external system. This allowed third party apps and service providers to take benefit of this healthcare platform and enabled better care giving services topatients.

The major challenges that our team addressed were:

  • Designing a scalable architecture to expose all the features as API
  • Implementation of features on single page synchronously

The challenges were addressed through continuous requirements gathering and agile development of the platform.

GUI – iPhone Mobile Home

GUI – iPhone Mobile Home

Solution Architecture

Healthcare Application System Architecture

Notes & Emergency

Notes &Emergency

Business Benefits

  • Accessibility to cloud-based simplified communication tool forhealthcare facilities &physicians
  • Access to patient data on the web and mobile
  • Better patient care through real-time emergency communication
  • Monetization of the platform within a short period of 6 months
  • Admission of the start-up company into GE’s (General Electric) Health Growth Acceleration program outperforming 450 companies across 22 countries

Technologies Used

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • jQuery
  • Mobile jQuery
  • Node js (For new modules)