Making 321 Fame stand out in the talent sourcing and showcase world required that we build social-friendly features such as private messaging chat and likes on videos.

A fun portal for talented people

Challenges we Faced

To enable complete social features capability including

A) Fame a friend

B) Showcase talented users in minimum possible steps

Business Problem

To provide a centralized global place for talented individuals to showcase their natural talent. The portal should enable the users to socialize, promote, and engage with the world talent pool.

Key People:

  • CTO Softicks: TanzeelGhumman
  • Marketing Executive at 321fame: Aaron Thomas

Consumers/Users of app


Talent Sourcing, Global Talent Showcase


Crowdsourcing, Marketplace

Business Benefits

321 Frame allows a video portal to showcase the talent to global audience.


Technology Used:

PHP, CodeIgniter, MySQL, Apache, jQuery

Notable feature:

  • Fame a friend feature
  • Private messaging between users
  • Likes on videos