One of “the most” popular product/portal for auto-parts industry in USA, the application functions as an inventory management portal and a comprehensive database of auto parts for US retailers.

Challenges we Faced

  • Import functionality to import thousands of parts in one instance and stored using CSV
  • Designing and Development of a flawless admin panel for multiple vendors in centralized database

Business Problem

  • A comprehensive database for auto parts in USA
  • Wholesaler website of auto parts

Consumers/Users of app

  • Function: retailers of auto parts, auto parts inventory management staff
  • Industry: e-commerce, Auto parts, Inventory management

Business Benefits

  • Comprehensive database of auto parts for US retailers
  • 1 click import for large auto parts
  • Online auto parts inventory management system


Technology Used:

PHP, Drupal, MySQL, Apache, Ajax, Jquery, VPS Hosting

Notable feature:

  • Seamless back-end vendor based inventory management
  • Automatic import of products into database
  • The front-end shopping cart feature to purchase auto parts online

Special Architecture / design Features:

Users can easily search parts by :

  • numbers
  • type
  • year of manufacture
  • make
  • model
  • other attributes like volumes