Designs to Cherish

Designs to Cherish was born from a love of beautiful fashion.

Challenges we Faced

1) user-friendly UI/UX:
As thousands of e-commerce websites float on the internet. Intuitive design and distinct feature designs are needed to develop a competitive and reliable e-commerce
platform with a user-friendly UI/UX. Here is a greater shopping experience for customers.

A smart and reliable User-Friendly UI was carefully designed and then developed upon to provide the customers the best of the shopping experience.

2) Secure Payments:
Secure payments and payment methods are challenging for e-commerce websites
to prevent any kind of unsatisfactory customer experience.

PayPal was integrated for secure payments and a hassle-free
shopping experience with free shipping on all Australian orders.

3) SEO and SMO
SEO and SMO for the website was a big challenge as both of them play a vital role in a business’
success today.

With the help of our SEO and SMO experts and tools, the required optimizations and integrations were made
to ensure better appearance in the results over the web and social media. Users can also
subscribe for newsletters to get the latest offers through emails.

Business Problem

How to offer a shopping experience beyond brick and mortar store?
How to offer a private shopping experience through personalized service?
How to provide the best outfit and wardrobe experience to the customer with high-quality labels?
How to offer a seamless and secure payments method?

Consumers/Users of app

Function: e-commerce, Designer Labels, Fashion

Industry: e-commerce Fashion, Online Shopping Platform

Business Benefits

Great shopping experience
Stunning ranges of organic cotton, linens, washable silks, and fine wools all in one place
Personalized appointments with the best designers from Australia and all over the world
Secure payments
Free shipping on all Australian orders
Subscription for newsletters to get the latest offers through emails


A reliable e-commerce store with user-friendly UI/UX
Personalized appointment arrangements
Organic cotton, linens, washable silks, and fine wools being stapled in stunning ranges
Secure payments method with free shipping on all Australian orders