A leading crowd-based language learning application that acts as a search engine as well as a marketplace.

The use of open source technologies allowed developing a best-of-breed solution architecture.

Challenges we Faced

Building a fast reliable search engine to help parents and attendants control their child’s stays during holidays and further integrating it with a secure online reservation tool were two major challenges that we enjoyed solving.

Business Problem

  • Create a fast second language learning culture
  • Learning other language and life skills
  • Multi-lingual and multi-cultural learning
  • Language Exchange
  • Key People:
  • Softicks CTO: TanzeelGhumman
  • Managing director and Lead developer at mobilewebexpert.co.uk: James Hodgskiss

Consumers/Users of app


Language, learning and training


crowdsourcing, marketplace, learning

Business Benefits

  • Lingoo helps users to organize language and holidays stay for children and teenagers directly
  • Users can select and choose to contact families directly
  • Enables the users to control their child’s stays during holidays
  • Big Benefit: It saves them money


Technology Used:

PHP, Drupal, MySQL, Apache

Notable feature:

Creating a web-based application for language exchanges and homestays for all ages that allows them to directly communicate with each other

Anything special:

Optimized for high volume traffic as well as highly Scalable and fault tolerant