Making an application for a fast-growth industry is quite challenging since a lot of things/trends keep changing and clients constantly upgrade their feature requests.

Each feature was tested from the perspective of for drivers, service mangers, and passengers.

Challenges we Faced

Transport and consumer facing applications are challenging to maintain as real time GPS location data has to be integrated and shown on mobile screens.

Business Problem

Uber for local taxi services provider company.

Consumers/Users of app


  • Taxi companies
  • Dispatchers
  • Drivers
  • Passenger


  • Transportation
  • Transport on Demand.

Business Benefits

  • The companies with a Taxi fleet as well as individual contractors can use it.
  • It helps reduce the coordination time required for drivers, service mangers, and passengers.


Technology Used:

  • Android
  • NodeJS Web Services

Notable feature:

  • The driver location is continuously updated and the user can search for the nearest drivers.
  • The drivers can accept or reject the ride and in case of rejection the user will be given more options based on GPS information and vacant taxi.
  • It has a driver and passenger side apps.

Advanced application feature:

The admin can monitor cars (taking the ride and vacant) on the map with GPS location.

Anything special: design / architecture etc.

Real time monitoring of vehicles and rides allows an interactive application experience.