With Lingoo users can pick and choose to contact families directly, giving them much more control where the child stays. A cherry on top, it saves the money.

Challenges we Faced

Business Problem

  1. Create a fast second language learning culture
  2. Learning other language and life skills
  3. Multi-lingual and multi-cultural learning
  4. Language Exchange

Consumers/Users of app

  1. Function: Language, learning, and training
  2. Industry: crowdsourcing, marketplace, learning

Key People involved:

  1. Softicks CTO: Tanzeel Ghumman
  2. Managing director and Lead developer at mobilewebexpert.co.uk: James Hodgskiss

Business Benefits

Lingoo helps users to organize language and holidays stay for children and teenagers directly

  1. Users can select and choose to contact families directly.
  2. Enables the users to control their child’s stays during holidays
  3. Big Benefit: It saves them money.


Technology Used:

  1. PHP
  2. Drupal
  3. MySQL
  4. Apache