Kkooee.com is an engineering niche marketplace. It connects engineering talent with engineering consulting firms and individuals seeking to hire them for their projects. The website is registered business entity in Queensland, Australia and operating globally through their online marketplace

Challenges we Faced

  1. Providing a seamless complete/partial payment system for each milestone and posted project.
  2. Workflow emails automation and integration with kkooee’s users (Engineers and Clients).

Business Problem

  1. How to provide a single place for engineers and clients.
  2. Providing a global highly specialized pool of engineering talent
  3. A market competitive bidding process for engineering projects

Key People: Bede Evans, Gavin Christie

Consumers/Users of app

Function: HR, Engineering talent Procurement
Industry: Freelancing, Engineering, Marketplace.

Business Benefits

kkooee offers a global marketplace to connect large engineering talent pool with the companies and individual clients.


Technology Used:

  1. Drupal for WebApp
  2. HTML5, CSS, JQuery, Bootstrap, and SAAS
  3. Third Party Integrations: PayPal, Mandrill, MailChimps, and LinkedIn for Signup.
  4. Hosting: Amazon AWS

Cool Feature:

  1. Collaborative Project Workplace for engineers and clients.
  2. Hourly and Fixed Price projects provision
  3. Direct contact & Hiring of engineers for clients.

Scalable Architecture Design: multiple features can be added
Partial and complete payment system