Tanzeel Ghumman

Tanzeel Ghumman
Co-Founder | CTO

Tanzeel has over 10 years of experience in Technology. Most of his experience is in leading technical teams for medium to large scale applications.

Tanzeel worked as Technical team lead at Vizteck solutions, where he led the designing and development team of health care application Caremerge. It includes designing the product architecture and managing the engineering details of the product. It is SaaS based healthcare application.

Vizteck was a small organization when he joined them, and he contributed in developing processes and growth of the company. He was also key member of mentoring team at vizteck.
From the early stage (after 2 years) of his career at vizteck, he was responsible for leading technical team. He first led a technical team to develop spare parts portal for USA market (name and ranking).

The challenges faced during the development of CareMerge became inspiration for advancement of his technical skills. Since then he constantly updates and improves his capacity through learning and keeping track of latest technology advancements.

Tanzeel holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science.