Lux Apartments

The Lux Apartments is a dynamic website with listings of apartments and properties for rent in Romania.

Key People:
CTO Softicks: Tanzeel Ghumman
Operation Manager / Project Manager at Renaissance Software (Ptv) Ltd: Azhar Qayyum

Challenges we Faced

Since it is an old project and display of real-time availability of apartments to the user was challenging to achieve.

Business Problem

To help tenants of the luxury house or flat find suitable and competitive options available in the market.
A local Airbnb equivalent for Romania.

Consumers/Users of app

Function: Rental on Demand, Marketplace,
Industry: Marketplace, On Demand Marketplace for home rentals

Business Benefits

The Luxury house rental marketplace enables the owners and tenants to book a suitable property for long-term / short-term rent.


Technology Used: PHP, Apache, Smarty, Ajax.

Cool Feature:
Listing of the properties along with their location on the map.
Change of properties as the map is moved.

Real time availability of apartments and booking status.